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Contest Winner for our first quarter photo contest!

First Place
My match picture was done with Canon EOS-1DMK2 with Sigma 105 EX macro lens.
It took many many tries to get this picture. I used a 4 second shutter speed-F22
 with rear curtain sync set on flash. I exposed the match just after lighting
 it with lighter then waited 3 seconds blew the match out which made a nice smoke
 trail after match was blown out and then with rear curtain sync set on
 flash the smoke was lit up by the flash unit at the
 end of the 4 second exposure.

Submitted by:

Daniel Clune
Tonawanda NY 

First Place Prize for the 2005 First Quarter contest
is the book "Creating World-Class Photography" by Ernst Wildi.
Value $29.95.


Also Submitted by Mr. Clune

Taken at the lockport Locks back in May 04 with Canon EOS-10D sigma
15-30EX lens. F16 20 second exposure.


Taken with Canon EOS-1DMK2 with Sigma 28-70EX lens. @ 5.6 1/60 sec with flash.
Puppy chewing on shoe.


Honorable Mentions

A White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta Carolinensis) clinging sideways off a tree. 
Canon EOS 20D, Tamron 200-500 @ 500mm, 6.3, 1/320, A/E mode with +1/3
compensation, handheld.

The snow was so deep this Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus
carolinensis)deceided to take a "Leap of faith" to get to the feeder.
Canon EOS 20D, Canon 75-300IS @ 105mm, 4.5, 1/2000, A/E mode with +1/3
compensation, handheld.


An Eastern Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) poses on a stump.
Canon EOS 20D, Tamron 200-500 @ 200mm, 6.3, 1/500, A/E mode with +2/3
compensation, handheld.

Three submitted by:

David Malak
Lockport, NY

This photograph is of the very fast and quick moving chickadee.  They donít sit still very long,
 and I am quite happy with the results of this one.  Taken with Nikon D70,
 Nikon 70-200mm VR lens with a Kenko Pro 2x teleconverter.
  Hand-held at 350mm focal length, F/5.6, 1/1600th
 sec shutter speed at ISO 200.

This photo is of a sand sifting starfish from my marine aquarium.  I found bouncing
 the flash off of the wall behind the aquarium and through the back glass
 quite helpful in preventing blown highlights or glare.
  Taken with Nikon D70, Sigma 105mm macro lens,
 Nikon SB 600 flash.  Shot at f/32, 1/60
 sec shutter speed at ISO 200.

This photo was taken this January with my (at the time) brand new D70 and the kit 18-70mm lens.
My first attempt at showing fluid water movement, I was extremely happy with the results.
  I walked into the middle of the creek and set the camera as low as I could on the
 tripod in order to get the composition I wanted.  Taken at
 1.3 second shutter speed with a Polarizing filter.

Three submitted by:

Kurt Schneid
Hamburg,  NY


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