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Tripod Information

If you want the sharpest possible pictures from your camera, no matter if it is the smallest of compacts or the biggest of professional cameras, use a tripod. In circumstances where a tripod would be impractical, a monopod will offer some support too.

Tripods come in a variety of sizes and weights. When choosing a tripod it is important to take the weight of the camera into consideration. You don't want a tripod that is too light, or you will not be able to walk away from the camera/tripod combination without the fear that it will fall over.

Another feature that you might want on your tripod is a quick-release mechanism. These are available on almost all of the better tripods, and they allow you to easily mount and remove the camera from the tripod. If you have more than one camera, most manufacturers sell additional quick-release plates so that you can mount one on each of your cameras.


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